Monday, January 14, 2008

Un-Super Powers Jam

Hey guys, the next Jam session is pretty much complete.

Tyler came up with this one. Basically we each thought up the most rediculess, and pretty much usless, super power and then put it to paper. The only rule i'd say is that the power cant be directly useful to the person with the powers... and thats it!

so heres mine.

This un-super hero has the distinct ability to open automatic doors.... from 30 feet away!! But unfortunatly for him, if he's any closer or farther, he can't do a thing, the doors wont move. Until someone else stands infront of the sensor. That leaves him having to find 30 feet exactly, use his powers, and then sprint as fast as he can before the doors close. Awesome! Beats shitty adamantium-wuss claws and being able to rejuvenate.

the other dudes will post thiers later.

Oh and stick around, we got some other cool stuff coming up !
Maybe some sweet naked pics of Tyler, maybe not, only one way to find out, come back often!


Daven said...

Tyler just let me know bout ur guy's drawing game, stuffs looking wickedly amazing. I get to draw here a lot at work, (they dont give me much to do), but I never get much thats an good that I want to spend time on, there usually just quick lil doodles.
Hope your enjoying MonkeyTown.
Peace out motha licka.

Tryke said...

"I never get much thats an good that I want to spend time on."

That's my boy...

Make a super power and we'll feature you :)