Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Battle

I had a wide variety of useless powers...

-Ability to become albino.
-Ability to sit as if in a chair, without a chair.
-Ability to win rock, paper, scissors roughly 85% of the time.
-Ability to see the back of your head while looking into a mirror.
-Ability to charge NON-rechargeable batteries.

But, I had to go with one that had relatively easy illustrateability (Ill-oo-stray-tah-bill-eh-tea).
Revert beef back to cow man was born! In my sketch, we're watching "the easiest fight of wolverines life". I stop the drawing at Reverter dropping a cow on our hero, but rest assured the cow was turned back into beef approximately two panels later...and the Reverter gets sodomized, the good kind tho, without claws.

Anonymous Fan: Does he mean...?

Tyler: Yessir, full circle.


1 comment:

Ryan Cole said...

Lee, Murphy, I'm sorry guys. But this one gets my vote.