Friday, December 14, 2007

Le Comic!

Ok so the gays and i are going to start something on this blog here that we think could be a load of fun for us as well as you guys. We're starting a (hopefully) weekly comic jam that each of us will do, but the trick to it is, who ever is next to draw the comic has to continue the story or event or whatever they want, from the previous comic that was posted on the blog.

Now, theres no real rules other then to keep things going, unless the artist decides to end it of course to his choosing. The style may change or may stay the same, basically its a improvised comic. So we'll see how this goes.

Heres the first! Painted it quite quickly during lunch and break today at work.

What would be really cool, and in true improv fashion, is later, we could get the people who come here to decide the initial settings of the comic. We'd ask you for a location, object, or profession and off we would go. I think it'd be rad.

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MOWA said...

Hey guys! I think this is a pretty sweet idea. I'll keep checking for more!